Bridging the Public Education Achievement Gap in Colorado

We spoke with Colorado’s 2010 Teacher of the Year, Justin Darnell, about his thoughts on the achievement gap. The majority of Justin’s work is with at-risk students at Bryant-Webster K-8 School in Northwest Denver. For Justin, in order to work with at-risk students and to close the achievement gap, it takes respect and understanding of cultural diversity and different economic backgrounds, which affects learning styles and students’ readiness to learn.

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  1. Hi all,

    This is just the first video in a line of many to come discussing equity and engaging businesses. Equity is a complex topic and this video only gives one part of a giant issue facing education today. If you are interested in helping students succeed and ensuring that all of our futures are brighter, then learn more about equity and how it impacts students in our schools. The achievement gap is quantifiable and ridiculously unfair. Our students deserve better.

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