A Quality Teacher in Every Classroom

The need for a quality teacher in every Colorado classroom is important to all of us. It has been a central part of the discussion around Race to the Top and school funding. But when we use the term quality teacher, what exactly do we mean?

Quality teachers…

  • Design and facilitate instruction that takes into consideration each student’s learning style, interest and skill level;
  • Collaborate with colleagues, parents and community members to promote the best education for students;
  • Advocate for their students and the resources they need to learn and succeed;
  • Demonstrate in-depth subject knowledge and a high level of professionalism;
  • Continually learn and improve their content knowledge and skills;
  • Use multiple methods to assess student progress in the short and long-term; and
  • Respect students’ diverse backgrounds and work to help every student be a lifelong learner.

Many thousands of teachers in Colorado are just these kinds of educators. The challenge for Colorado and our public education system is to recruit and retain the new teachers we need, as the number of teachers retiring increases. We must create a work environment that promotes teacher growth and collaboration; a pay structure that acknowledges professionalism and expertise; and a fair evaluation system that encourages and supports quality instruction and teacher effectiveness.


One Response

  1. I think your list of what defines a quality teacher is a good one. But I believe one element is missing – motivating students to learn. Such a quality teacher trait is inferred in your reference to helping students be lifelong learners, as well as in the statement about designing and facilitating instruction that takes into consideration students’ style, interest and skill level.

    But the really great teachers I had in public schools (and I’m sure everyone remembers at least one teacher fondly), motivated me to want to learn and through their own passion, instilled in me a desire for knowledge and personal growth.

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