Funding Student Achievement

Students across Colorado deserve a well-rounded, quality school experience that helps them become critical thinkers and creative problem solvers, so they can be successful in the 21st Century.

In order for this to happen for every student, we must make sure all of our schools have the proper resources. Adequately funding our schools supports each student on their pathway to achievement.

However, in per pupil funding, Colorado is not competitive with other states. In fact, we rank 42nd and continue to fund our schools at 1989 levels. How can we compete in the 21st Century if we are funding schools at 20th Century levels? It is time to take a hard look at this critical issue and in particular at our state tax policy.

Even in this current economic downturn we must deal with the funding issues we face. We must invest in a quality public education, now and tomorrow, for every student in Colorado.

To see how some districts are dealing with reduced funding at the state and local level, read “Colorado schools spread word on cuts” from the Denver Post.


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