Schools Face Unprecedented Cuts

Colorado’s 178 school districts are currently developing their budgets for the next school year. The challenge for districts is that they have no idea how much money they will get from the state. What they do know is that it will be less than what they received this year.

Colorado's State Capitol

Statewide, public schools are facing the largest cuts in school funding ever. State revenues are down dramatically, and the Legislature must make major cuts in order to adopt a balanced budget as required by law. Since K-12 education funding is the largest single item in the state budget, we know that cuts will have to be made in the funding the state sends to school districts.

Last week the Pueblo County School Board voted to go to a four day school week, simply to save money. Other ideas being considered by school districts are eliminating “non-essential” programs and instituting fees or increasing those already in place for both extracurricular programs such as athletics and instructional programs such as science.

Education is a people business. Over 80% of school district expenditures are for personnel – teachers, educational support professionals, administrators – the people who work with our students every day.  Some districts are notifying probationary employees that they will not be reemployed next year. Vacant positions will not be filled.  The result – increased class size, more students in every classroom, and less time for teachers to work with individual students.

These decisions are being made to save money, but what impact will they have on student achievement? We know these cuts will affect students. Unfortunately, we don’t know to what extent because we have never had this level of cuts before. We’ll tell you more as the funding situation unfolds.


To learn more about what your school district and others across the state are dealing with, check out this map developed by Great Education Colorado.

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