Not so fast! CEA opposing SB 191

A critical component of student achievement is a quality teacher. Ensuring we have quality teachers in every classroom depends in part on an effective and fair evaluation system. But, Colorado’s current system doesn’t work. That’s why the Governor appointed a Council for Educator Effectiveness to assess and recommend a new evaluation system. Unfortunately, State Senator Michael Johnston has introduced a bill, SB 10-191, which circumvents the Council’s work. His bill defines an outcome before a real assessment is done. While it presents some interesting concepts, they need a lot more work by everyone involved before they should be set forth as unfunded mandates to school districts.

This bill is not good for Colorado, and for all of these reasons and more, CEA is opposing SB 191. Here is our new radio ad that talks about some of the issues.


3 Responses

  1. Thumbs Up CEA!

    A big thumbs up to CEA- especially the many CEA lobbiests and members who helped make my first-time lobby days experience very positive and empowering on Monday 04/19/10.


    Chris W.
    Ft. Collins

  2. Where were these angry teachers when their PERA annual benefit increase was misappropriated with PERA’s SB 10-001?

  3. Chris, we’re glad you had such a positive experience at the Capitol this month! There have been hundreds of teachers visiting with their legislators, and talking about the issues important to them (including SB 191). Thanks for getting involved, and thanks for your support!

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