Diane Ravitch Visits Denver, Speaks Out Against SB 191

Diana Ravitch, a well-known author and education expert (and former assistant secretary of education in the George W. Bush administration), is in Denver this week.

Ravitch is attending a number of events in Denver, including presenting at CU’s School of Education and the Education and the Public Interest Center in Boulder tonight. Tomorrow morning, Ravitch will attend a public event at Manual High School and will then participate in a debate with State Sen. Michael Johnston at a private lunch hosted by the Donnell-Kay Foundation (register for the Manual event here).

In yesterday’s Denver Post, Ravitch comments on SB 191, saying, “When you attach rewards and salaries to test scores, people will do anything to get the scores up, and it will not lead to better education.”

In a recent post on her own blog, Bridging Differences, Ravitch says, “…If any of our public officials is talking to testing experts, they are likely to discover that their plans to evaluate teachers by student test scores are technically invalid and will produce perverse (but predictable) effects that actually damage learning and are likely to undermine the teaching profession.”

In addition to being an author and speaker, Ravitch is a professor and historian of education at New York University.


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