Teacher Appreciation Week

This week, communities and classrooms across the country are celebrating teachers and the work that they do as part of Teacher Appreciation Week. It’s the perfect time to take a moment to show your appreciation to teachers for all the effort they put in each day.

The National Education Association describes this week as “honoring teachers and recognizing the lasting contributions they make to our lives.” Since its founding in 1985 by the Parent Teacher Association, Teacher Appreciation Week has been celebrated annually.

How did you and/or your child celebrate National Teacher’s Appreciation Day on May 4th? Who was your favorite teacher and why? What is your favorite teacher memory? Share your thoughts and memories here.


2 Responses

  1. I was fortunate to have a lot of great teachers – Mrs. Salazar, Mr. Torgerson, and more. They challenged me, laughed with me, and hugged me when I needed it. I honor them by continuing to give my best at whatever I try and remembering I’m human so when I fail I know that I just have to get back up and try again, and keep looking for new things to learn. Here’s to teachers!!

  2. My favorite teacher growing up was my French teacher. I was lucky enough to have him, Mr. Ruiz, as a teacher all the way through Middle School and High School. He was actually from Mexico, but was fluent in French. He was great because I didn’t just learn from him in the classroom, but also outside of the classroom. He was very good in instructing me how to be a good person, respect other people and understand the great opportunities I had growing up in Arvada, Colorado. I owe a lot to him and still love speaking French when possible.

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