House Education Committee Debates SB 191 Today

The House Education Committee is scheduled to take up SB 191 this afternoon in the Old Supreme Court Chambers. CEA continues its opposition to the bill.

In a release sent to the media this morning, CEA President Beverly Ingle says, “We are working with legislators to make this bill more about teacher effectiveness and student achievement and less about punishing teachers and undermining the profession.”

“[CEA] wants a good quality evaluation system designed to help every teacher become a better teacher. We want a quality teacher in every classroom. We want to close the achievement gap and help all students succeed. Senate Bill 191 does not help,” she said.

Ingle continues, saying that CEA knows what works: time to teach and collaborate, parent involvement and support, meaningful mentoring of new teachers, high quality professional development, small classes, and adequate resources.

“These are the quality factors that make a difference. But these factors are not addressed in SB 191…because SB 191 is not about good teaching and learning.”

To listen in on today’s proceedings in the House Education Committee, click on “Old Supreme Court Chambers” in the lower-left on this page.


2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    How do I access the House record for actual votes on the teacher effectiveness bill 191? I want to see which of my legislators are behind teachers (or not).

    Thank you in advance for this important information.

  2. Hi, Joyce, you can see a list of House Education Committee members and how they voted on our Facebook page at

    Thanks for following and for your interest!

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