Legacy Foundation honors educators and best practices

Colorado’s Teacher of the Year, Michelle Pearson, will be honored on Tuesday, February 8, at the Legacy Foundation’s celebration of top public school educators and their best classroom practices.

Michelle is a teacher of gifted students at Hulstrom Options School in Adams District 12. She’s a CEA member in District Twelve Educators Association. You can view a short video about Michelle on CEA’s web site.

The Cherry Creek STAR Mentor Program will receive the Excellence in Induction Award at the luncheon. Jody Dosher, Cherry Creek EA president, says that the STAR Mentor Program, begun in 1994 as a partnership between the Association and the district administration, is overseen by a panel of four Association members and three administrators. Jody serves as co-chair with an administrator. The STAR Mentor Program has helped the district bring its retention rate of first-year teachers to 75 percent.

The Excellence in Induction Award recognizes a new teacher induction program that exemplifies the strongest elements of a process used to introduce new teachers into the profession in a way that will help them become effective educators.

Linda Barker, CEA staff member and Director of Teaching and Learning, will be honored with the Effective State Leadership Award, recognizing a Coloradan who makes a significant positive impact on improving public education policy and instructional practice, thus improving outcomes for students and supporting educators and their profession.

Many others will also be honored by the Legacy Foundation on Tuesday.


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