CEA Movie Night – “Mitchell 20”

“Mitchell 20” Movie Night

CEA members and staff will attend the first night of a limited showing of the movie Mitchell 20: Teacher Quality is the Answer, Friday night, Oct. 21, at 7:00 at the AMC Cherry Creek theaters (3000 East First Avenue, Denver).  

The film follows a group of teachers in Arizona endeavoring to reach National Board Certification and spotlights the inspirational events of a journey toward quality teaching.  The story is a testimonial about education in America and captures the story of teachers as heroes in a tough school and a tougher state during an incredibly hard time to be a teacher. This group of 20 elementary school teachers were met with challenges every step of the way, yet they charged forward to meet the needs of their students.  Mitchell 20 is a dramatic story that shows teachers are the key to improving education in America.

Ticket cost is $10.50 – pay at the theater.  For more details and a trailer on the film, visit its official website. Contact Linda Barker for more information about the CEA gathering for the movie. If you can’t join CEA on October 21, the movie plays for two more days at the AMC Cherry Creek Theatres and is likely to show in other theatres around Colorado later this fall.

According to Sheenae Shannon of the Arizona Education Association, educators there thought the film was very good. Shannon said, “It has been well-received by our members and education supporters in the community. The film is about one of our members, Daniela Robles, who after achieving National Board Certification, organizes a group of her colleagues together at Mitchell Elementary to attempt NBC. I didn’t feel the film was about the lack of teacher quality, so much as the obstacles teachers face and the lack of respect and support they receive in providing quality public education to students. There’s a lot of information about district-mandated professional development and its one-size-fits-all approach to which many of our members could relate.”

Shannon added, “I think the film emphasizes the need for relevant professional development and support for teachers to improve teacher quality, as well as showing teachers the respect they deserve by including teacher input in education policy decisions. Most importantly, I think the film is a story about teachers told by teachers, which our members said they appreciated because it made them feel that they are being heard.”

Films like Mitchell 20 are best viewed with friends and colleagues. Fifty percent of the profits from the film and soundtrack are going to a scholarship fund for teachers, according to the film’s web site. You can host a screening of the film by buying the DVD to show or by having the Mitchell 20 team and the Arizona K-12 Center assist you – and provide professional development too.


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