This week: The 90th American Education Week

We’re celebrating the 90th anniversary of American public education this week, November 13-19.

Celebrated each year the week before Thanksgiving, American Education Week (AEW) was first celebrated in 1921 with cosponsors NEA and the American Legion. The week-long celebration grew out of national concern about illiteracy. The original goal of American Education Week — to generate public awareness and support for education — continues today. AEW honors students’ efforts to learn and achieve; recognizes the professionalism and dedication of every school staff member; thanks parents, families, and community members who help students succeed; and rededicates the school community to a quality public education for every student.

Each day of American Education Week honors a special group of people who make public education work. Tuesday was Parents’ Day. Wednesday was Education Support Professionals Day. Thursday welcomes visitors into our schools, such as state legislators, mayors and town councils, and business owners. Friday is Substitute Educator Day.

During American Education Week, NEA conducts an online “Substitute Educators Poll” to identify a well-known public figure whom most people think would make a great substitute-teacher-for-a-day. Take the Reader Poll on the NEA American Education Week site.

Last year’s poll respondents named CNN’s Anderson Cooper as the best candidate for substitute teacher. NEA invited Cooper to spend a day as a substitute in a public school – which Cooper did earlier this month in a New York City public school.

This year’s poll results will be announced tomorrow.

Couldn‘t we could all use a week in which to celebrate public education and all the people who work together to make sure that every student can pursue the American Dream? Learn more about American Education Week.


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