Thank a teacher today

We appreciate America’s public school educators who educate, believe in, care for, and protect their students. Who are they? Classroom teachers, specialists, interventionists, paraeducators and teacher assistants, counselors, nurses, speech and language therapists, preschool teachers, music teachers, art teachers, PE teachers, media specialists and librarians, school psychologists and social workers, and faculty at colleges and universities…

We join America in thanking ALL educators – and all school staff who support students, their families, and our schools – for all they do for students.

Public school employees give selflessly. They work long hours, including evenings and weekends outside of school, to mentor, tutor, and coach students, plus plan and prepare for their work with students. They reach into their own pockets, spending nearly $1,000 on average every year to pay for things their districts do not provide.

Public school employees believe in every student’s abilities and potential. They inspire self-confidence and lifelong learning in their students. They strive to provide a safe learning environment, and they collaborate with peers, parents, and the school community to support students and their families.

During the National PTA’s National Teacher Appreciation Week, we salute America’s teachers and all the school employees who dedicate their lives to helping our students thrive.

We encourage you today, on National Teacher Day, to change your Facebook status to thank a teacher who made a difference in your life.


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